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Benefits of a Gravel Driveway in Centreville, VA

Gravel Driveway Centreville VAOften, springtime is when homeowners start renovations and home improvement projects because the snow has finally melted and the temperatures are enjoyable without being extremely hot.  If you are considering updating your home’s curb appeal, you might be thinking about getting a gravel driveway. Check out the benefits of having a gravel driveway in Centreville, VA, below.

Cheaper- Saving money is always a benefit, especially when you are investing in your home. Gravel driveways are less expensive than asphalt or cement.

Color Availability- When you decide to choose gravel for your driveway, you can pick from an array of gravel mixtures with different shades such as blue, gray, red, white, purple, and more.

Quick & Easy Installation- When pouring gravel, you do not have to wait for it to dry as you do with cement. All you have to do is even the gravel out, so you can enjoy a smooth arrival or departure from your home.

Another perk of choosing gravel for your driveway is you can quickly fill in any holes that appear over time. Request an estimate for a gravel driveway in Centreville, VA, by calling (703) 361-7365 right now. You can even inquire about our delivery services before making your purchase.

3 Reasons to Have a Retaining Wall in Your Backyard

Retaining Walls Manassas VAAre you redesigning your backyard now that the weather has warmed up? At Neff Brothers Stone, our team can assist you by providing all the necessities you need including mulch, topsoil, and gravel. If you are looking to take your backyard to the next level, you should consider adding retaining walls to your yard. Uncover three reasons below why you should have retaining walls in Manassas, VA.

Design Element- Increase the aesthetics of your backyard with beautiful retaining walls and pavers. You can create a modern or relaxing oasis for your entire family to enjoy.

Steep Hillside- If you are building a new home and there is a steep hill in your backyard, you will need to have a retaining wall to prevent dirt from running into your yard when it rains heavily.

Stairs- Depending on the size of your backyard and how steep the slope is, you might need to add stairs leading through the yard to ensure your family can safely walk to the other side. Our team has a wide selection of pavers and retaining walls in Manassas, VA.

If you need assistance selecting which ones coordinate or will work the best for your particular project, rely on the trusted instructions from the team at Neff Brothers Stone. We will happily assist you when you stop by our location or call us at (703) 361-7365 today.