3 Uses for Landscape Gravel for Your Home

Landscape Gravel AshburnAs a homeowner, you get to landscape your home the way you want. Curb appeal is important, whether you are building a new home or purchasing one. At Neff Brothers Stone, we want to share with you three ways you can use gravel to increase the value of your home.

Driveway- When a gravel driveway is properly maintained, it can last a lifetime. When you have a concrete driveway, it can easily be cracked if there is too much weight on it. The cost of a gravel driveway is cheaper than having concrete poured.

Pathway- Many people have stepping stones that lead somewhere in their backyard. You can create a wider walkway by placing gravel around the stepping stones. You could also have a gravel-only pathway.

Gravel Garden- There is a new up-and-coming trend called gravel gardens where gravel is an alternative to mulch. Some plants can thrive in this environment, but not all can, so be sure to research before purchasing your plants.

If you are looking for landscape gravel in Ashburn, turn to Neff Brothers Stone for a wide selection of decorative gravel. Give us a call at (703) 361-7365 for a personalized estimate on the amount of gravel you need for an upcoming project.

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